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Access Control is part of the entire building controls system and can be a stand-a-lone or a fully integrated solution. The controllers reside on the same network as HVAC and lighting controllers to complete an entire building controls network.

As in all aspects of access control, good decision making is essential. Systems need to be customized and simple, including accountability and traceability features. Our access control system features detailed reports that can be customized for a variety of data including card user activity, door activity and access events. If an event is a high priority, such as a door breach, it can additionally be emailed for immediate notification. The system can integrate with CCTV systems providing much more information about secure and monitored areas. The access control system is BACnet based and communicates with other BACnet controllers. Our access control system can be managed with a dedicated view on both Windows and web-based software as the end-user wishes.

Our access control system is expandable and can handle up to 50,000 card users.